​​The Queer Parenting Partnership was launched in 2020, in response to the shocking lack of birth and parenting support services for LGBTQ+ people in the UK. Kay and Kim connected online and combined their knowledge around midwifery and childcare to create a complete antenatal and postnatal education programme.

The team has grown to include Maeve, another midwife, and Jacob, a birthing parent and trans rights activist. We continue to offer antenatal and postnatal classes, alongside training for birthing professionals. 

We all recognise the need for additional services targeted at not only LGBTQ+ families but also at other families perceived to be minorities. That being said, everyone is welcome at The Queer Parenting Partnership.

Our values are of equality, fairness, power, love, community, laughter and fun. We aim to build a community for queer families to learn and grow together and to celebrate our presence in the world.


About Kay


I am the co-founder of The Queer Parenting Partnership.


I have been a qualified midwife for three years and have worked in a range of settings including community, home birthing, on hospital wards and in teaching hypnobirthing and parent education. I am also undergoing a masters degree in reproduction, development and fertility.


I am part of the LGBTQ+ community and whilst undergoing my training as a midwife I was witness to certain views from other midwives on the 'appropriateness' of LGBTQ+ midwives.


At the time I felt alone and isolated and searched for establishments that could support me. After some research I found that there weren't any. When I looked further into support services for LGBTQ+ families I found that there was also no perinatal support services specifically for LGBTQ+ families. That is where I found the inspiration to initiate The Queer Parenting Partnership.


About Kim


I am the co-founder of The Queer Parenting Partnership.


I have worked in the childcare industry for 15+ years and was a finalist in the UK Nanny of The Year Awards 2019. I was also a nominee for the same award in 2020 and 2021 but decided to step down for personal reasons.


In June 2018, I took the plunge to become a doula. My main motivation behind becoming a doula was helping a loved one through severe postnatal depression. Before I'd even finished my first day of training, I knew I wanted to work specifically with queer families and The Queer Doula was born.


Co-creating The Queer Parenting Partnership was the next logical step for me as queer parents and parents from marginalised groups are consistently left out, let down or squeezed in as an afterthought and I decided that if I want to effect change, it has to start with me.

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About Maeve


I am currently working full-time as a Research Midwife, supporting obstetric and midwifery studies to improve healthcare in pregnancy and birth. I have previously worked in a continuity of carer model, which really cemented my understanding of the importance of trusting relationships in pregnancy and birth.

During lockdown, I have been teaching hypnobirthing classes online, to try to reduce the impact on families who had their standard antenatal education cancelled suddenly. 

One tiny glimmer of positivity this year has been that it has become easier to make connections with disparate populations, for example for LGBTQ+ families, who may often feel isolated especially outside of big cities.


I am passionate about inclusivity, and I am looking forward to us reaching more families through The Queer Parenting Partnership.

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About Jacob


I am a trans birthing parent and activist and I'm passionate about supporting queer people in making families.

I've been doing public speaking and training around trans identities since 2013 and since becoming a parent I've narrowed my focus in this work to be around trans fertility, pregnancy and parenting - drawing on my own experiences to provide a narrative to give context to best practise.

I've been involved in birth work for many years but it's only since giving birth that I realised just how tricky the postnatal period can be, especially as a queer person. I'm looking forward to training as a postnatal doula later this year.

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What People Say

“Kim is a powerful voice of advocacy with many tools in their belt and many services to offer families... If you need some extra love, someone who's always there and someone who will come with open arms and an open heart to your situation, look no further.”