Our perinatal course is split into two sections, each delivered across a weekend: antenatal (pregnancy and birth) and postnatal (parenting a new baby), please feel free to book onto one or both. See below for further details on class content. 

Attendees at our classes also get free access to a trained midwife for an Ask a Queer Birth Boffin session.


Full Price     -  £110 per weekend (£200 for both antenatal and postnatal sections)

Low waged -  £180 per weekend (£150 for both)

Unwaged    -  £60 per weekend (£100 for both)

We are also able to offer payment in instalments for all tiers. 

To reserve your spot, we ask that you pay a 50% non-refundable deposit

Pregnancy and birth can be a scary time. Culturally we are bombarded with so many negative messages that convince us that becoming a parent is something to be feared. Additionally, for Queer families having to navigate a hyper-gendered heteronormative perinatal care system can be additionally perplexing. It’s difficult to properly articulate the culmination of these discomforts and anxieties but this is why we developed our perinatal education programme. The aim of the sessions are to equip you with unbiased knowledge about pregnancy and birth to allow you to go forward and make informed decisions about your body, care and family. All sessions are non-gendered, trauma-informed, non-judgemental and regard the family unit, meaning that non-gestational parents are considered equals.

Perinatal education classes


Antenatal Sessions

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Antenatal Session 1 (3 Hours)

The aim of the first session is to learn about the normal biology of late pregnancy and birth. This is to establish the idea that pregnancy and birth is something that is normal that your body is designed to do to later build on this knowledge to explore what we can do to promote this normal process and have a positive experience.


Antenatal Session 2 (3 Hours)

This session focuses on all of our options and empowerment. We explore different avenues of care in pregnancy and labour care and what care you will be offered during the latter stages of pregnancy and birth.


Postnatal Sessions

Please check our calendar for our next classes.

Please use the form at the bottom of the page to book a class.

Postnatal session 1 (3 Hours)


This first session looks at bringing your baby home and the fourth trimester. We will look at what products are REALLY necessary and worth buying. We will explore feeding options, safe sleep, bathing including eye and cord care and nappy changing.


Postnatal Session 2 (3 Hours)


In this session we will look at babywearing, how to arrange your nursery, tools to soothe your crying baby, how to take care of your postpartum body, postpartum nourishment and baby massage. By the time you finish the course, you should feel confident enough to do things by yourself or know who to ask for extra help.