Giving gifts to new and expecting families.

Gift giving to expecting families can be a bit daunting. There are many products that exist that do a really good job at convincing us that raising a child is impossible without it! However, the truth of the matter is that there is one time-tested gift that is commonly renowned for making the transition into parenthood easier and that is- support. Bearing this in mind we’ve created a list of ideas if you are considering giving a gift to an expecting family.

1) Holding space.

Becoming a parent can bring a lot of highs and lows with it and can be fraught with social stigma. This can lead new parents to feel apprehensive about sharing thoughts and feelings that don’t commonly align with ‘how you’re meant to feel’. Being able to have genuine, honest conversations with a trusted person about how you’re really feeling can lift a massive weight off of new parents shoulders. Having people in life that hold a space that is supportive, non-judgemental and validating can be a really useful presence for new families.

2) Ask them what they would like.

There are so many products that exist for all aspects of parenting. However, each family has their own dynamic and each parent has their own thoughts on what they do and don’t want. Often with gift giving we feel we have to guess what another person would like, but when it comes to giving gifts to expecting parents it can be a really lovely gesture to just ask what they want. In that way you are considering that all families are unique and appreciating aspects of the way your loved one/s would like to parent.

3) Home-made freezable meals

Looking after a newborn is a busy job that doesn’t often leave space for thoughts about meal prepping. Cooking a batch of nutritious, tasty meals that can be put in the freezer and later whipped out and warmed up can be a god send when you are trying to balance the needs of a new human with your own.

4) Parents pamper days.

As the old phrase goes, you cant pour from an empty cup. With the excitement of the arrival of a new member of the family, many people solely focus on gifts for the baby and don’t seem to consider gifts for the new parent/s. Looking after a newborn is commonly known as being a tiring experience. Getting your loved one/s a session to fill their cup can be a really thoughtful way of reminding them that their needs and well-being are still as important as looking after the well-being of the new human. Consider activities that they enjoy, a visit to the hair dresser, a massage, a spa day, a nice meal out, and should you choose to accompany this gift with the offer of baby sitting- all the better.

5) Personal practical offers of help.

Occasionally as new parents we think we have to do all of the things in order to be a perfect parent. Reaching out for help and support can to some feel hard to consider and shrouded in fear of being seen as not good enough that you can’t spin all the plates at the same time, however there are only so many hours in a day and being a parent takes up many of them. Offering practical help such as running the hoover over, putting a load of laundry on, doing the dishes and the like are great ways of providing support and can be gifted in cute home-made vouchers that remove the need to ask for help.

6) Professional practical offers of help

If you wish to purchase a gift for a loved one who is expecting then you can still offer the practical help, for example, a cleaning service once baby has arrived. Other sources of professional help can be postnatal support workers such as doulas who will have a great amount of knowledge and experience in supporting new families.

One particular phrase that is often bandied around when talking about parenting is “it takes a village to raise a child”. In our society we can be slightly more isolated and have less of that community support. When we think of giving gifts, we often think of physical items that are bought in a shop however, when it comes to parenting, some of the most valuable gifts cannot be bought in a shop but given from the heart by our own villages.

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