Poor sleep / tiredness

Sleep changes are very common in pregnancy. As usual, fluctuating hormones are the biggest culprit, but as you get towards the end of pregnancy it can also be difficult to find a comfortable position to lie in with your bump. Try using pillows to support your knees and bump so that you can fully relax. It is best to sleep on your side (either left or right), particularly in the third trimester. Don’t worry if you wake up in the night on your back, but you should avoid going to sleep lying on your back as this has been found to increase the risk of stillbirth. 

You may feel very tired during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, or if you have other children to care for so have less time for rest. Try to find space during the day to relax and put your feet up if you can. 

Using meditation or relaxation techniques before bed can be very helpful with getting to sleep. Gentle exercise during the day will also help your body’s natural processes for getting to sleep, so try to do a little walking or similar, even if you feel tired.