Cultural competency training for professionals

Providing Perinatal Care for People of All Genders

This session is taught by two experts: a birth professional and a trans/non-binary individual with personal experience of pregnancy. We use our knowledge of care within and outside the NHS, interlaced with personal examples, to inform you of common problems, best practice, and how to provide safe care for all genders.

Coming soon: Providing Perinatal Care for LGBTQ+ People 

Currently in development, this session will cover all aspects of providing inclusive care to queer families. The session will include our own personal experiences of pregnancy, and professional knowledge as birthworkers, to ensure you are aware of all the legal, professional and personal requirements in providing safe care.

All sessions are tailored to your requirements, please contact us using the form below to discuss. Pricing is dependent on organisation type, and size, and any specific requests you may have.